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Nancy HalliganHey there. Welcome to the Rockbition Business Podcast I am your host, Nancy Halligan from Rockbition.com. So I wanted to do this quick episode to tell you a little bit about what this podcast will be about and a little bit about me so that you can get to know me a little bit better. I have been in music most of my life. I had my first paid gig singing when I was 7 years old and been singing ever since then. So I currently have two cover bands and a all original metal band and we are currently working on relaunching our last CD since we kind of launched it OK but then I’ve learned a few new tactics over the last few years and I want to share those as we do it with you guys. You can come along for the ride and watch me relaunch my CD with a new way of doing it online. We’re still going to do physical CDs but we’re going to focus more on the online aspect and getting in touch with our actual audience and people who will actually like and buy our music. So a little bit about me. A few things that I am and a few things that I’m not. So the few things that I’m not are patient. I like things to happen right now and I do get a little bored if I don’t get my way with with the patience. So patience is definitely a virtue that I am trying to learn.

With that said I am also not a dweller so if something is going wrong or there’s just something I can’t fix I don’t dwell on it because I can’t do anything about it and the only thing that dwelling on it is going to do is make me miserable. So I tend to move on from things rather quickly and I’ve actually been called “cold” in the past. I promise you I’m probably one of the warmest people you’ll ever meet in person. But I do understand where people get that from. And I just I need to do that for my own mental sanity. And the last thing that I’m not is perfect. I am perfectly imperfect and I’m completely happy with that. So with that said those are the three things that I am not and I hope you will come along with me for this ride as I perfectly imperfect show you guys how to promote your music and your shows online. So the few things that I am. The good news. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. It’s there. I have a hard time lying. And any one of my friends would tell you guys that. If you ask me a question and I attempt to lie at it my face will give me away or my eyebrows. Every single time. It just can’t be done. Like I just cannot lie to people because I am not, I don’t want to hear someone tell me something just because they think that’s what I want to hear. I want the truth and I want honesty. And I think that’s a good thing to have in the world that we live in today. The second thing that I am along with the heart on my sleeve, I cry at everything: movies, tv, music. When my friends are happy and they’re crying, I cry. When my friends are sad and they’re crying, I cry. If you cry, I’ll cry. That’s just how it works. I pretty much love all music styles. I can’t really even come up with something off the top of my head of something I don’t like. It’s usually like a specific song I don’t like but I do tend to like most styles of music and both my parents were music teachers that kind of instilled that in me and all of my siblings all sing or play music too or both. So that is where I come from in my background. So the purpose of this podcast is because I really want to help musicians and music venues work better together. That is my ultimate end goal. There is one caveat to everything I’ve said so far: I can’t help if the music isn’t quality music. So if you’re only fans are like your mom or your brother or your best friend, I probably can’t help you. And I’m not saying this to discourage you. I’m saying this so that maybe you’ll try harder maybe you’ll find a new way. If you know that this is what you’re meant to do you’ll find a way. So with that said I’m going to hopefully be releasing maybe one episode a week right now. I do have some interviews that I’m also conducting with people in the music industry.

My goal of those interviews is to show you guys that you can also make money with other things you can have your music you can have your shows you can have your merchandise but you can also do something outside of the music that’s something you might be passionate about. So I have a few interviews coming up and as soon as I get a bunch of those recorded is when I’ll start releasing them. I’m still trying to get them all booked and on the calendar. But it’s basically I just want to show you guys that there’s multiple income streams you can have while being a musician and be able to be successful doing this and you do not have to be Metallica or you know someone huge like that and even those guys, I’m going to tell you right now, those guys are not just doing music. They’re doing other things too and you may not even know about it. And those are the stories that I want to tell you guys. So I hope you enjoy this episode and I do hope you enjoy the podcast. And I would love it if you guys have anything that you want me to talk about or if you have questions about any of the content, please let me know. Shoot me an email over a podcast@rockbition.com. Thanks guys and I’ll see you next time.

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